Happy Independence Day 2018 – Quotes, Images in HD

Moving on From Whatsapp Status,  We are in the section of Quotes and Images for Independence Day Of India which falls on 15th August 2018.

Hey friends! Today we are enjoying the freedom, the legacy given by our freedom fighters. What’s the real meaning of freedom for you? The meaning of freedom is different for everyone. The beauty of freedom lies in true happiness and being in a state of mind in which you can think, speak and do whatever you want in your life. Today the nation is governed by peace, unity, and harmony. Everyone wants to express their meaning of independence. The social networking sites like WhatsApp, Facebook are contributing a lot. To feel that feeling of independence,  people are now updating their WhatsApp status like Happy Independence Day 2018 on such special occasions.

Happy Independence Day 2018


As we all know that every year we celebrate Independence Day on 15th August in the memory of our brave and bold soldiers whose sacrifice can never be forgotten.When we remember our heart is filled with proud, joy and happiness. The spirit of Patriotism can be seen in the heart n eyes of every citizen of India. Our freedom fighters and the martyrs fought for our Independence. The Tricolour Flag whenever we see our heart salute those martyrs. The significance of those three colours of our Flag Saffron white and green which denotes strength and courage, peace and prosperity fill the spirit of Patriotism in us.

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Happy independence day India 2018

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